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The first virtual venue in Mexico

Welcome to

GSA VirtualRoom

About us

Continuous effort

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We are a multimedia company, with 20 years of experience, created in order to offer a communication solution, that´s why we offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

Dedicated to the Organization, Logistics, Rent and Production of events nationwide, we have what is necessary to create an impact in your event.

Our services

Technologies of the highest level.

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100% ON Line event

GSA VirtualRoom is intuitively designed to

give your event the fluidity and confidence you require.

This option is ideal to take your event anywhere.

Invite speakers from anywhere in the world, we take care of getting the message across in the right way.

Use the virtual tools that GSA puts at your disposal, such as:

- Online payment.

- GSA VirtualTicket.

- Autonomous registration.

- Private events.

- Video On Demand Service.

Hybrid event:

ON line / In person


With this option we bring to your event the best of the virtual and face-to-face world.


Using the best technologies and tools for you to enjoy the best experience with all your senses.


Get more out of it, increase your sales and reach more people.




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5577-2607, 5577-7691, 5748-0585

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